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About this age calculator

This tool is a simple and quick age calculator that calculates the exact age from a given date of birth in years, months and days.

You can use it to calculate your own or someone else's exact age as of today; right now, at this very moment!

It will also provide you with a free life calendar as well as fun facts related to your age. For example, do you know your age on Mars or how you compare to an Elephant?

How can I calculate my age here?

Traditional methods of calculating age involve a variety of methods:

  • Calculate age in years, months and days, or
  • Total days of age
  • Total weeks of age
  • Total months of age

Our age calculator supports all of these results; you can simply pick the one you're looking for. We also provide you with a weekly life calendar, which is a useful and eye-opening tool to visualize your entire life on a single calendar page.

What date formats does this age calculator support?

To calculate your age we support the following date formats:

  • mm/dd/yyyy (US)
  • dd/mm/yyyy (European)
  • yyyy/mm/dd (International)

Whichever format you choose, our age calculator is built to handle it and calculate your age correctly.