Your Life in Weeks

You are weeks old.

Each box below denotes a week of your life. Orange boxes are weeks that you have already lived, while empty boxes represent weeks in your future.

    1 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
    0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90

About this life calendar

This page is a simple and quick weekly life calendar. It visualizes your entire life on a single, neat page.

You can use it to effectively chart and have an overlook of your own life.

Each row of weeks (52 boxes = 52 weeks) makes up one whole year. In total this calendar shows 90 years, or 4,680 weeks. Weeks that you have already lived are filled in orange color, while your future weeks remain empty for now.

You may wish to annotate this kind of calendar with information from your own life. Below is a useful weekly life calendar that has been annotated with interesting facts from the typical American human being.


Sometimes life seems too short, and at other times it seems incredibly slow and long. But this weekly life chart helps to emphasize that life, YOUR LIFE, is most certainly finite. Above are 4,680 weeks, and if you are lucky enough to live to the ripe old age of 90, then these are your weeks and they're literally all you have!

And that leads us to the next question:

Are you making the most of your weeks?

In thinking about your own weeks of life - the ones you have lived thus far, as well as the ones that are still to come - how should you best use them? We believe there are two good ways to use any given week:

  • Enjoy it
  • Build something to make your own or someone else's future week(s) more enjoyable

In other words, you have this small, finite number of weeks on Earth and you really want to create a life in which they're making you as happy as possible. And if any given week is not making you happy, it should ideally only be because you are using it to make other future weeks better - either for yourself or for someone else you care about. In the ideal situation, you're well balanced between 1 and 2 and you're likely to accomplish both simultaneously.

Of course, if a any given week is enjoyable but by enjoying it you're taking from your own or someone else's future weeks, aka instant gratification, that's not so great. Likewise, if you're using week after week to build something for your or someone else's future, but it's really not making you happy with no end in sight, that's not good either.

But the worst possible way to use your life, or any given week of it, is by accomplishing neither of points 1 or 2 above. Sometimes this can happen when you find yourself in the wrong career or the wrong relationship. Hopefully, this weekly life calendar will show you how short life really is, and give you a sense of urgency to make each week count!

Finally, the boxes above in your life calendar can also be a reminder that life is forgiving. No matter what happens each week, you get a new, fresh box to work with next week. Perhaps we shouldn't focus so much on New Year's Resolutions and focus on New Week's Resolutions instead.