What’s a weekly life calendar?

The purpose of a weekly life calendar is to help individuals visualize their remaining time on earth and encourage them to make the most of it. By seeing their lifespan laid out in front of them, individuals can gain a greater appreciation for the limited time they have and focus on what truly matters to them.

A typical life calendar will show approximately 90 years of life, with each row representing a year and each square representing a week. The first row, representing year one, will have 52 squares, and each subsequent row will also have 52 squares until the final row, representing year 90, is complete.

Here is an example of the average American’s lifespan as shown on such a life calendar

Some people use such a life calendar as a tool for goal-setting and time management, while others simply use it as a reminder to live each day to the fullest. It can be a sobering but powerful visual aid in helping individuals prioritize their time and focus on what is most important to them.