Welcome to AgeFromDate.com, a web tool that helps you calculate your age from your date of birth.

Have you ever wondered how old you are, exactly? Down to the month, week or day? Then our age calculator will get you an answer within seconds! Simply enter your date of birth and hit “Calculate Your Age”.

In addition to simply finding out your exact age, we also provide you with interesting facts about yourself and your life, such as:

  • The total number of hours, minutes and even seconds you have lived
  • How much time you have slept in your life
  • How many heart beats you have had thus far
  • How many breaths of air you have taken
  • How many times you have laughed in your life
  • How long, in total, your hair and nails have grown over the span of your life thus far
  • How old you would be if you were an animal
  • How old you would be if you were living on a different planet

We hope you’ll enjoy these tidbits of information. Life is truly a wonder to go through, and sometimes we forget about to enjoy the little things. Let this be a reminder to be amazed by your own life and existence!